What Happens At A Funeral

After a death occurs, many families choose to have a visitation and funeral or memorial service. These services can be religion based or handled through our in house Certified Funeral Celebrant.

A funeral service occurs when a person’s body is present at the ceremony.  When their body is not present, the service is considered to be a memorial service.  Sometimes a photo or urn is used as the focal point at a memorial service in place of the human body. Continue reading

How To Give A Memorial Gift

In my career as a funeral director, I have experienced many unique questions and conundrums.  However, I was most surprised to find out how much worry and stress a memorial gift can illicit.  I even had a woman call the funeral home in the middle of the night to ask how much money to put into a mass card.

The thing that must be stressed with regard to a memorial gift or contribution is that the intention behind the gesture is what matters most, and your presence in the days, weeks, months, and years are what truly help a family move through their grief journey.

That said, if you still wish to send something, here are some ideas and guidelines. Continue reading

Why Is A Funeral Ceremony Important?

Throughout history, humans have used ceremony to mark special achievements and losses in their lives.  Even though the exact traditions can vary due to location, religious and cultural differences, all peoples have felt the need to come together to reflect upon these life milestones.

Though most of these events are happy occasions, one very different and unique life changing experience is the death of a loved one.  Most psychologists and sociologist agree that there is a deep seeded psychological need for people to come together when a member of their family or community has died.  Not only do they need to express their grief with a public display of sadness, but they also need to have the opportunity to console those around them. Continue reading

The Great Unknown

Almost everyone knows the feeling.  You’re about to walk into the funeral home for the visitation of a loved one or friend and you’re terrified.  You consider every possible excuse to explain why you aren’t able to stay and develop elaborate strategies to execute the quickest possible exit.  Okay, I’m exaggerating a little, but sadly, not very much.   Few people are eager to face the great unknown that is the funeral home experience. Continue reading