Woodruff Memorial Park

Located at 2095 Washington Road, Canonsburg, Pa 15317

Cemetery Highlights

Woodruff Memorial Park Cemetery highlights include:

  • Traditional in ground burial with monument choices ranging from flush bronze markers to stately granite upright memorials.
  • Cremation scattering gardens featuring memorial walks and walls, with an adjacent garden to provide for in-ground burial of cremated remains.
  • Private estate lots.
  • Private family mausoleums.
  • Community Mausoleum offering single crypt, multiple companion crypts, or a family alcove with granite crypt fronts that can be inscribed with individual names, dates and religious or artistic symbols.
  • Special Veterans’ Section dedicated to those who so valiantly served our country.

Woodruff Memorial Park is an endowed care cemetery with numerous grave, mausoleum, Columbarium and niche sites that are available for many years to come. In addition, the cemetery still has considerable land space in which to expand. Our customized payment plans can be designed to fit any budget.

Land has been set aside for free burial of children who have been victims of violence or abuse. The National Watchful Shepherd Monument will be built on that land to serve as a visible tribute and constant reminder of those children.


Types of Memorial Property

Elements of In-Ground Burial:

  • Interment Space (Single or Double Depth)
  • Outer Burial Container
  • Cremation Burial
  • Urn Vault
  • Opening and Closing Fees

Cremation Options

  • Mausoleum Niche Spaces
  • In-Ground Burial

Cremation with Memorialization

    1. Chapel Mausoleum Niche Space
      • Glass Front
      • Marble Front
    2. Garden Mausoleum Niche Space
      • Granite Front
    3. In-Ground Interment Space
      • Ground Burial
      • Interment Space
      • Outer Burial Container
      • Opening and Closing Fees
      • Memorial
      • Internment Space
      • Urn
      • Urn Vault
      • Memorial
      • Interment Fee

In-Ground Cremation Options

    1. Mausoleum Crypts Above Ground
      • Indoor Chapel Crypts
      • Outdoor Garden Crypts
      • Hand crafted polished granite of unparalleled strength, durability and beauty
      • Provides a private structure in a personal setting
      • Eliminates the need for additional memorials and burial vaults
      • Personalized entombment services held at mausoleum site
      • Crypt front identified with incised lettering insuring permanent memorialization
      • Unsurpassed example of strength, durability and beauty
      • Adorned with marble and granite
      • Religious features placed throughout the mausoleum complex inspiring prayer and meditation
      • Personalized entombment services held in the beautifully appointed chapel or open- air courtyard.
      • Crypt front identified with bronze plaque insuring permanent memorialization
      • Prestige
      • Easy to Locate
      • Year round Visitations
      • Conserves land space
      • Immaculate – clean and dry
      • Costs fixed prevents inflation
      • Total costs are comparable to those of ground burial
      • Entombment can take place in short notice if necessary
      • Eliminates need for burial vault and memorial
      • Your family will not face financial burdens because your affairs will be in order.
      • Your family will be informed about your funeral preferences.
      • Your family is relieved of the burden of payment.
      • You can assure adequate funds for your pre-arranged funeral.
      • Your investment is secure.
      • Your funds are protected from inflation.
      • Your funds are not considered an asset when applying for Medicaid benefits.
      • You may select the payment plan and method that suits you.
      • No physical examination is required.
      • Research and understand the teaching of your faith community.
      • Discuss the choice with those closest to you to insure their ability to deal with your wishes should you pre-decease them.
      • Consult with experienced professionals about arrangements that can be made in advance. Selections would include choice of cemetery, decision about in ground or aboveground inurnment of the cremated remains, selection of appropriate urn, and provisions for payment in advance of all items that can be secured.
      • Study and be familiar with the variety of funeral service options provided for the benefit of you and your family, services that have traditionally included a visitation, final celebration with the body present, and a committal service. Take into account the time necessary to perform the cremation and factor that into the schedule of these celebrations. This will be especially important when the decision for cremation is based on the desire to be buried at a distance from the place of death
      • Become knowledgeable about your choices in regards to caskets and urns. Most crematories require that a body be enclosed in a rigid container providing for the dignity of the deceased, and the health and safety of the crematory operator.

Private Estate Mausoleums

New Chapel & Garden Mausoleums

Advantages of Mausoleum Crypt Entombment

Advanced Planning

Being Prepared: By Pre-Arranging Your Funeral and Cemetery Arrangements

Pre-arrangement is a thoughtful method of funeral and cemetery planning that has grown in popularity. People make these arrangements with the desire to avoid burdening their families, while others are pleased at the thought of having taken care of everything independently. People also make these decisive choices when they have no family or children to make arrangements for them.

With pre-arrangement you have positive assurance that the funeral and final resting place will represent your personal lifestyle and beliefs. Making arrangements when you are able, through careful thought and active discussions with all involved will make clear your wishes with regard to visitation, memorial services and manner of final disposition. You arrange exactly the type of funeral service you desire, for yourself or for family members, and bring peace of mind to your loved ones. Beinhauer Family Services and the staff of Woodruff Memorial Park have always been sensitive to family needs, arranging a funeral and burial, or final disposition that celebrates the life of the deceased.

The information needed for legal forms and important paperwork for your funeral or cremation arrangements will be handled only by a licensed funeral director. Your burial arrangements will only be handled by an experienced cemeterian.

An investment made in a pre-arranged, pre-financed funeral, burial or cremation is protected by law. This plan is available regardless of age or physical condition.

Outlined below are several important advantages of making pre-arrangements for your funeral.

Nowhere is the need for advance planning of burial and funeral services more important than in the situation where the individual has reviewed all of the available options and decided to select cremation. Pre-planning is critical.

Most of us make our own decisions about daily life and future plans. We control the final distribution of our assets and care of our survivors through life insurance policies and provisions in a will. The same attentive care given to these decisions should also be extended to the decision about cremation.

What advance planning should you do?

Some Legal Considerations:

Each state sets the list of parties who can authorize a cremation. The area where conflict may arise is among children and other relatives. Clear and firm documentation of a deceased’s wishes for final arrangements is the best way to avoid family conflicts.
For complete details on our secure inflation-proof pre-need plan, please call us at 724-969-0200. All of Beinhauer’s facilities are locally owned by licensed funeral professionals with generations of service to families. Our counsel is a free service to you that has been available since 1860. We would be happy to meet with you in the comfort of your home, at any of our many convenient facilities, or the location of your choice. No obligation is incurred and your family is certain to benefit. Call one of our caring cemeterians at 724-745-7008 to answer any questions you may have.