Urn Information and FAQ

What is an Urn?

cremation urn is a container that holds the cremated body of your loved one. When choosing an urn, size, color, material and capacity all play a factor in influencing the final decision on the type of urn that is right for you and your family.

What sizes are available?

There are basically 3 different size classifications for cremation urns. The first is the most common size, and is meant for an individual cremation, meaning one person’s cremated body can fit inside the urn entirely. This type of cremation urn can hold anywhere from 170-350 cubic inches.

The next most common size of urn is usually what is called a “keepsake” urn. The size and dimensions of a keepsake urn can vary greatly, as they can be as small as a piece of jewelry or as large as an individual cremation urn. Keepsake urns are usually purchase in conjunction with another size urn, in order to accommodate all of the cremated body.

The third size of urn is a companion urn. It is meant to hold the cremated bodies of two people. However, most times, there is a partition inside the urn to keep the two cremated bodies separated. This way, the individuals can remain separate, while sharing one cremation urn.

What types of materials are available?

There is a vast selection of materials that urns can be made from. It is helpful to consider the location of the final placement of the urn when selecting the type of material that you would like to use for the urn. Some widely available materials are ceramic, metal, cultured marble and granite, wood, resin, plastic and biodegradable options.

Fragile materials, such as ceramic, are highly suitable for urns that are meant to be kept at home or placed in a niche. Sturdier materials like cultured granite and metal urns are better suited for ground burial, while wooden and biodegradable choices are commonly used to scatter the cremated body of your loved one. What you must remember is that the material that the urn is made of is not the only factor to consider when choosing an urn. Your funeral director should be consulted to help you make the decision that will serve your family best.

What types of designs are available?

If you can imagine an urn, we can find it for you. Urns designs include traditional “Grecian” vase shaped urns, to elaborate sculptures, to picture frames and sport team themed urns. There are also custom options that allow for special inscriptions to be made into the urn. An urn can be as unique and personalized as your loved ones life.