Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetary

More and more frequently, families are beginning to realize the profound importance of pets in their lives.  People no longer view themselves as pet owners, instead they are pet parents.  When you get to know your pet’s personality like you would any other member of the family, it is hard to imagine treating their death any differently than you would any one else.  Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery is dedicated to creating pet funeral, cremation, burial and monument options that parallel those available for any human member of the family.

Because the owners of Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery are animal lovers, they felt the need to place a pet cemetery beside their human cemetery (Woodruff Memorial Park) so that each and every family member has the capability to be together in death, as they were in life.  The Beinhauer family (owners of Peaceful Pastures) has raised horses and dogs and sheltered many birds and other animals over the years.  They couldn’t imagine treating an animal’s death with any less importance than their human counterpart, and so Peaceful Pastures is kept sacred for those faithful friends who accompanied us through life.

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