Mausoleum Crypts

What are Mausoleum Crypts?

  • This type of final resting place is known for its unsurpassed example of strength, durability and beauty and is adorned with marble and granite
  • The religious features placed throughout the mausoleum complex offer inspiration for prayer and meditation.
  • After the funeral service, a personalized entombment service is held in the beautifully appointed chapel or open- air courtyard.
  • The crypt front is identified with bronze plaque ensuring permanent memorialization
  • The ease of location and prestige associated with a mausoleum crypts is unsurpassed. The comfort of our mausoleum’s accommodations make it an ideal venue for visiting your loved one at any time of year.
  • The mausoleum eliminates the need for a vault purchase or additional grate or bronze marker.