What is a Funeral Service?

Traditionally speaking, it is a ritual that can be either religious or secular, that will have the deceased person’s body present. It can be held in either a funeral home chapel, place of religious worship, cemetery, or other location. We encourage you to plan to make this experience as personal as possible. Just as a one celebrates other milestones in their lifetime, a funeral is a time to take notice of the meaning another person has meant to family, friends, and other survivors.

At Your Time Of Need

We at Beinhauer are available by phone 24 hours a day at 412-531-4000. We can arrange all services you need here locally or at a distant place and assure that your personalized instructions will be followed completely.

From the moment you call, a licensed funeral director will personally supervise and arrange for our caring and knowledgeable staff to:

  • provide transportation of the deceased to our facility
  • obtain and file the necessary legal documents, including the death certificate
  • place the obituary notice(s)
  • prepare the body
  • arrange for the burial site and grave
  • provide facilities for visitations and memorial services and provide transportation of the body and family to the cemetery or place of final disposition
  • through the aftercare department offer support to help the grieving deal with the loss.

Many people today choose cremation, but are not aware that a full range of service options is still available. As with a traditional funeral, cremation still allows for visitation and memorialization. We have the area’s only on-site cremation service, staffed by Licensed Professionals. Your loved one never leaves our care unlike most other funeral homes.

Personal, professional and comprehensive services–just a few reasons why generations of families have turned to Beinhauer at their time of need.