Cremation Options

Choosing Cremation Services

If your family feels as though cremation is the best choice, that does not mean that you must forgo participation in various traditions related to ceremony and rites that are meaningful. Each person’s decision regarding cremation is personal and may be influenced by factors including environmental concerns and ceremony flexibility.

It is common to have a traditional visitation and funeral service followed by cremation. If this is your choice, you need not purchase a casket. We offer the use of our ceremonial casket for a fee that is more affordable than purchasing a casket that will be cremated. However, if you prefer to purchase a casket, that is allowed as well. Once the cremation has taken place, you and your family can choose what to do with your loved ones urn and their cremated body.

Other times, a family chooses to have a remembrance service without their loved one’s body present. This type of ceremony is called a memorial service. The memorial service can take place after a formal, public visitation has occurred, or there may have been visitation with only the urn present prior to the memorial as well. If you family would prefer not to have a formal public visitation complete with embalming and other body preparation, a good alternative is having a private family visitation before the cremation takes place. Again, the family makes their own decision about what to do with their loved ones urn and their cremated body.

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