Burial in a Pet Cemetery

One of the most common forms of final disposition for a pet is burial. Before the burial takes place, we encourage family members to sit together and create an obituary for the pet. We then create a free online tribute page for the pet that includes the obituary and photos. Family and friends are welcomed to log on and share memories and photos of their own so that a permanent record of your beloved pet is kept accessible to all who knew and loved him or her.

Next, we allow you to choose a time of day that is suitable for all family members and friends to gather at the funeral home before the pet burial. Before you gather at the graveside, there is time made available to visit with the pet. A clergy person, family member or friend, or one of our Certified Celebrants will hold a pet funeral service and allow for shared stories. The ceremonies conclude with a brief procession to the pet burial site where any final prayers or stories are said.

This type of service is especially beneficial for children and other pets to attend. Many times, a child is in school when a pet dies, or another pet is not able to see the deceased pet before they are taken away to Peaceful Pastures. This creates a great need for the child or pet to have the opportunity to say goodbye and our services create that safe place for them and any family member to grieve.