The Why and How of Preplanning

Pre-planning a funeral can be an anxiety provoking task – something not many of us want to think about. Yet, a little bit of discussion and planning will help ease the tension following the death of a loved one. Preplanned funeral services, offered by the professionals at Beinhauer Funeral Home, will help you to have a strategy in an uncertain future.

By pre-planning your funeral, you are giving your family direction – ensuring your wishes are known. These important decisions can be made even more important by making arrangements to fund the choices that you’ve made. Most importantly, you have created piece of mind for you and your loved ones.

At Beinhauer’s, our pre planning counselors can provide assistance when needed to help plan these important decisions. Our professionals can provide options.  By speaking with a planning professional, over time, and conversation, most families are able to achieve the type of personalized service that they desire.  Customized pre-planning, available at no expense, it available to you at all Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes.

It is common to need help with knowing what options are available. Working with a pre-planning professional is an important resource if you and your family need assistance. Discussions about your beliefs, background, values, and ideas can be translated by the counselor into possible options of service ideas for you.

Working with a pre-planning professional assures that you will know all of the options that are available to you. Pre-planning is the best choice for your family, making sure your family knows your wishes, creates piece of mind for everyone involved.  Call Beinhauer’s today at 724-941-3211.