Traveling with the Cremated Body of a Human or Pet

Traveling with Cremated Remains

You may find that you will need to travel with cremains to deliver them to another location to be buried or placed in a columbarium. Families often ask us how that can accomplished. The following three methods are most frequently used to transport the cremated body of a loved one or pet.

By Car

When you travel with a cremated body, you should buy an urn that is unbreakable. Glass, ceramic, or another delicate material are not best suited for transportation. You should pack the urn in a box that is protected with padding, and then box it again in another container. Should the packaging be jostled, you’ll know that it is safe if wrapped properly.

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Helping Families and Friends Honor their Loved Ones Beinhauer’s Increasing Celebrants for Enhancing Personal Touch

Pittsburgh, PA (April 27, 2015) – The decision-making process when a loved one dies can be overwhelming. For family members with no formal religious affiliation, the funeral arrangements and final tribute can be downright daunting.

With decades of experience serving families in need, Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes knows this firsthand and is enhancing the level of services offered to families by increasing its certified celebrants. Recently certified are Funeral Directors Scott Beinhauer and Sheila Coquet.

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How Do You Write a Eulogy?

Do You Have to Write a Eulogy

You’ve been asked to write and deliver a eulogy for a friend or family member, and while you are honored to do so, you may never have prepared one before. You’d like to capture your relative’s or friend’s best traits, but aren’t sure how to begin—or end. Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes would like to offer you a few tips about how to craft a heartfelt eulogy that will honor the deceased’s memory.

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Four Things to Consider When Planning a Funeral Reception

What to Consider When Planning Funeral Receptions

If you are planning a funeral reception after a loved one’s funeral service, you probably want to tie everyone’s requests together and consider travel plans so that you may find a convenient location of all who plan to participate. The funeral luncheon is an important part of a life tribute, allowing family and friends the opportunity to eat, talk and reminisce. Here are some ideas that you can use when planning a funeral reception.

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Creating New Traditions During the Holidays

New Holiday Traditions

When someone close to you with whom you’ve spent many holidays or special occasions dies, you may be unsure how to now celebrate those special times. Many people attach a great deal of meaning and happiness during the holiday to one person who cooks the meals or handles important holiday details. Here are some tips for creating new traditions for Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July—or any holiday that you spend with family and friends.

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Choosing Music for a Loved One’s Funeral Service

Choosing the Right Music

If you are planning a funeral service for a family member or dear friend, you’ll probably be asked by the funeral director if you would like music to be played during the viewing and the funeral. Music can be used to convey a certain meaning for your loved one’s service: contemplative, rousing, or sweet. It can be a part of the final send off that your friend or relative wished to share.

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