Cremation is a popular choice over a burial in a funeral ceremony in today’s modern society. 70% of people choose cremation today and cost is a primary factor. While a cremation may be more reasonably priced, the urn you choose as your final resting place can vary wildly in price, according to material and style. The amount of money spent on the cremation urn is completely up to the consumer. Continue reading

Caregiver Excellence Annual Awards Banquet

This past year, the Beinhauer Family began a Caregiver Excellence Award Program for hospice caregivers who provide dedicated, unselfish care to hospice patients.
Each month, a candidate is selected from the nominations received either from their peers or through families they have served.
All monthly award winners were invited to join together for a festive Annual Awards Banquet, during which the Grand Prize Winner would be selected.
The Awards Banquet took place on Wednesday, November 8, at the Capstone Grill in McMurray, PA. The Beinhauer Executive Team and several funeral directors joined the winners and their guests for a time of celebration and encouragement.
In a special twist of fate, the Grand Prize winner whose name was drawn turned out to be one of only two monthly winners who were unable to attend the November 8 event….. And the reason he was away was that he was on his honeymoon! How fitting that a “Downtown Date Night” (the Grand Prize) will await him and his bride upon their return to Pittsburgh!
The Beinhauer Caregiver Excellence Award for hospice caregivers continues to be awarded every month, with another Annual Awards Banquet planned for next November.

Stockings for Soldiers 2017

The 2017 Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes 3rd Annual Stockings for Soldiers Program has finished for the year.  Any stockings donated after December 1st will be given to local veterans charities.  For more information, please see the fliers or call Amanda at 724-969-0200.

The Why and How of Preplanning

Pre-planning a funeral can be an anxiety provoking task – something not many of us want to think about. Yet, a little bit of discussion and planning will help ease the tension following the death of a loved one. Preplanned funeral services, offered by the professionals at Beinhauer Funeral Home, will help you to have a strategy in an uncertain future. Continue reading

August Beinhauer Caregiver Excellence Award Winner


The BEINHAUER CAREGIVER EXCELLENCE AWARD for August was presented on October 4 to Tracy Rongaus, nurse at Interim Hospice. Congratulations, Tracy!

Tracy was nominated as a truly excellent caregiver because she is known to ensure that all patients receive the utmost care. Recently she worked with a widowed patient in his nineties, as he faced his growing inability to take care of himself. During multiple visits, Tracy brought favorite snacks, PJs, slippers, and the most precious gift of all – her time and her presence. She was with him in his final hours.


The August Award for Excellence was handed to Tracy by Katie Brandt, Beinhauer’s Community Outreach Director. Due to scheduling difficulties in September, this awards ceremony was only taking place now…Which means that we’re not long away from the announcement of the winner of the prize for September!

The Beinhauer Caregiver Excellence Award, newly awarded each month, consists of a $50 Visa gift card and a certificate, along with an entry into the drawing for the Caregiver Excellence Award of the Year.   

All area hospices, as well as the families they serve, are encouraged to nominate an excellent caregiver for next month’s award! 


It’s quick and easy to fill out a nomination form, and it’s free! 

For a nomination form or for more information, please go to https://www.beinhauer.com/caregiver-excellence-award/ , or email Katie Brandt at kdb@beinhauercares.com.


Choosing Readings For a Funeral

When a loved one dies, family or a close friend will often help arrange the funeral or memorial service. Having a preplanned funeral service at Beinhauer Funeral Home will help to ease the decision making process, with preparations being done in advance.  However, those who know the deceased the best often prefer to select reading for the services, even if a service has been planned in advance. Readings help survivors cope with the reality of their grief, putting into words what they otherwise cannot. Continue reading

How to Handle A Death Away From Home

Dealing with a loved one’s untimely death can be a challenging experience. What happens when the death occurs in a faraway place, with or without you? How can this be handled while dealing with the questions that come with this uncertain time? Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes will help you each step of the way.  Here are a few important things to know about a death which occurs away from home: Continue reading