November Caregiver Excellence Award

The BEINHAUER CAREGIVER EXCELLENCE AWARD for November 2018 was presented to Dr. Tim Campbell, Chief Medical Officer at Gallagher Hospice on December 12th. The award was presented to him during the Gallagher Hospice office Christmas party and a big cheerful group was there to show their appreciation.
On the Right, the star of the month, Dr. Tim Campbell, with Diane Karcz, the president of Gallagher hospice, and Marla Caplan, the one who made nominated Dr. Campbell with so much gratitude for what he does. On the left, Ana Kniess, the outreach coordinator with Beinhauer Family who presented the award to him.



Here is an excerpt from his nomination:
“Dr. Campbell is one of the most gentle, passionate, and dedicated souls to his patients, his family and his community. A dedicated humanitarian, Dr. Campbell co-founded the Light of Life Mission’s Free Medical Clinic and volunteers with Allegheny County’s HAZMAT and HMMR Teams. He also serves as a Medical Officer for the Federal PA-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team. Dr. Campbell has had numerous deployments for humanitarian medical missions throughout the world with the American Red Cross, Christian Medical Missions, LDS Charities and the US Navy. He has provided care to underserved around the world; has served in 29 countries in the last 3 years. He volunteers with the American Red Cross and the Pennsylvania Medical reserve Corps; he is co-founder and President of the PA Keystone Search and Rescue Team.
Dr. Tim Campbell is serially distinguished as one of “America’s Top 100 Physicians”, and is the recipient of numerous awards for his innovative, quality and compassionate care. He is recently retired from his very successful thriving private, internal medicine practice that he co-founded, spanning almost thirty years at UPMC Mercy Hospital; however, currently serves Full Time as the Chief Medical Officer for Gallagher Home Health Services leading the Palliative Care Team.

Dr. Campbell was one of the first physicians in Southwestern Pennsylvania to become boarded in and to practice in hospice and palliative care medicine; currently serving as the Medical Director for Gallagher Hospice. A life-long learner and educator, he has taught inpatient and outpatient primary care medicine to thousands of medical students, residents, physician assistants and nurse practitioners…”

Beinhauer’s is proud to give this award to such a compassionate man who impacts so many lives wherever he goes! Thanks for everything you do Dr. Campbell! Your work is exceptional!
Take a minute NOW to nominate that special someone for the next Caregiver Excellence Award! Nominations arriving after December 31st will be considered for the Award for January 2019….a new winner is chosen each month!!
Nominations can easily be made in one of three ways –
By mailing in a hard copy of the nomination form found at your facility to Ana Kniess, Beinhauers FFS, 2820 Washington Road, McMurray PA 15317
By filling in a nomination form ONLINE on our website (click here-
By providing the info requested on the nomination form in an email sent to
The Beinhauer Caregiver Excellence Award consists of a $50 gift card and a certificate, along with an entry into the drawing for the Caregiver Excellence Award Winner of the Year.

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Stockings for Soldiers 2018

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Beinhauer Photo Booth Fundraiser Information

On behalf of Peters Township Character Counts, Shelly Belcher of the PT School District, and Jocelyn Lynch of PT Character Counts, received a check with the funds the Beinhauer Photo Booth raised during the Peters Township Community Day this summer. This donation will be used to prepare for the September 25 Kickoff event for “Rachel’s Challenge” being implemented in the Peters Township School District in the 2018/19 school year.
Rachel’s Challenge is a peer mentoring initiative for students, which is named after Rachel Scott, the first student to be shot at Columbine, but remembered and honored for her theory that “if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same.” The program seeks to make schools safer, more connected places, where bullying and violence are replaced with kindness and respect.
The Kickoff event for our school district will feature Rachel’s father, Mr. Darrell Scott, who will talk about his daughter’s life, death, and the impact her words can have on our community. He will speak at the South Hills Bible Chapel on September 25 at 6:30 pm. The event is free and open to the public.