How to Repurpose Excess Funeral Flowers

After a loved one dies, it’s common to receive floral arrangements from other family members and close friends as a way to express their sympathy toward your loss.

Funeral flowers are thought of as a meaningful gift that can help the grieving individual begin to move on emotionally.  

Following the service, you may realize that you have more flower arrangements and plants than you know what to do with.  Instead of simply discarding the flowers in the trash, repurpose them to further honor the memory of the deceased.

Donate to Relatives and/or Hospital Patients

White Funeral FlowersGiving the extra plants to relatives or those who were close to the individual who died can be a good way to keep his or her spirit alive and help the receiver remember that person’s life.

While flowers typically only last a few days in a vase, a funeral plant can survive indefinitely, assuming it receives proper sunlight and water.

Or, as an alternative to gifting the leftover arrangements to family members, consider donating them to patients at hospitals or nursing homes.  Many people find that flowers assist in recovery, health and well-being.

Your funeral director may have a few local care centers in mind that accept donated flowers so consult him or her if elect to go this route.

Plant around the Grave of the Deceased

Although this approach is a great way to reuse funeral flowers for their intended purpose, to celebrate the life of an individual who has died, it’s only viable if your loved one has a cemetery plot.

Setting larger arrangements next to the headstone or planting flowers at the base can help brighten the area around the monument.  Floral and other types of decorations help symbolize the eternity and immortality of the memory of that person’s life.

Arrangements can be left at the gravesite immediately after the burial, or a few days later. However, since the cut flowers aren’t likely to last long, try spraying them with a clear enamel to help them withstand colder temperatures.

Create a Shadow Box

Perhaps there’s no better way to honor the life of a loved one who has died than by creating a memento that can be passed from generation to generation.

If you’re artistically inclined and want to preserve funeral flowers, create a collage of photographs, newspaper clippings and writing samples from the individual’s life.  Then decorate it with the funeral flowers and encase it in a shadow box so their accomplishments are never forgotten.

Or, if you lack ample photographs to do this, consider one of the many other crafts that can be created using funeral flowers, which include turning them into jewelry, drying them to make potpourri or wreath, or simply enclosing the petals in a clear holiday ornament.

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