Beinhauer Funeral Director – Mike Burns
Mike Burns

Mike was born and raised in Baldwin and Bethel Park and currently lives in Mt. Lebanon. He has been married to his wife, Darcie, for 28 years and has three children and two dogs. His two sons are in college and his daughter attends Seton La Salle High School. A long-time member of St. Bernard Church, all of his children attended school there and during that time Mike and his wife were very involved in school related activities. For years, he has found a lot of satisfaction in sharing his career at local schools. He has been a presenter at Bethel Park High School, Boyce Middle School in Upper St. Clair, Peters Township High School, Carlow College, CCAC, and the local Mortuary School.

Mike has always considered his involvement in the funeral business more of a vocation than an occupation. He is very interested in differing religious practices and has always enjoyed the many diverse traditions and cultures found in his own community. He has always based his funeral directing practices on the idea that the family he is serving simply needs a friend. A friend is someone you can trust and someone you can rely on for the truth. After devoting almost three decades of service to the funeral industry there is little he hasn’t seen. He believes there is a lot of comfort when discussing such important issues with someone who has the wisdom and knowledge families can rely on.

Mike’s true goal is to take a family in the worst moments of their lives and assist them in making the correct decisions surrounding the funeral plan. Realizing that the grief process can be a long and painful time, he takes great satisfaction in being able to set families back on the road to recovery.